At Gyminators Gymnastics Camp students will enjoy learning skills on all the apparatus's. They will have a rotation on bars, beam, trampoline, rings, thevault and more! They will also have time to chill participating in crafts, games, snack time and many other activities.


Week 1: June 3rd – June 7th
A Walk Through Paris
Paris, France is home to the 2024 Summer Olympics. Join us as we learn about this unique city through art, architecture, and traditional children’s games. Plus, a little Olympic fun thrown in there too!!

Week 2: June 10th – June 14th
Ninja Warrior Week
From nun chucks to headbands to obstacle courses and ninja tricks, we got you covered on your quest to be a Ninja Warrior.

Week 3: June 17th- June 21st
Nature Week
Plants and animals take center stage this week as we explore all our world has to offer. Pick your favorite leaf for a leaf rubbing or run that relay as an elephant out on the gym floor. Nature Week is guaranteed to bring out your artistic and silly side!

Week 4: June 24th – June 28th
Mythical Creatures Week
Unicorns, Fairies, Dragons, Phoenixes…….Oh My!!! Join us as we spend the week exploring the mystical world of creatures in the unknown!

Week 5: July 1st – July 5th
Pirate, Prince and Princess Week
Swords or Crowns? Ships or Golden carriages? Come show us the real you as we bring out our inner Pirates, Prince and Princess character.

Week 6: July 8th-July12th
Lego Legends Week
Do you love Legos? Are you a Lego Legend? Use them to build, use them for art and use them in games. Come show us who our legends are!

Week 7: July 15th-19th
Jump Ropes and Hula Hoops Week
Get up and moving, exercising all day the old-fashioned way. We are bringing back outside play for a week of Jump Ropes and Hula Hoops and maybe some hopscotch too.

Week 8: July 22nd- July 26th
Super Mario Bros. Week
This week campers will use their creative thinking skills to navigate through the gymnastics challenges! Like Super Mario, they will choose the best way to avoid the traps as they swing on the bars, climb across the beam marsh, and navigate the obstacle courses! It will take a creative mind to enjoy this fun-filled week!

Week 9: July 29th-August 2nd
Crazy Sports Week
We may be a gymnastics gym but we love all kinds of sports. Come spend a week with us as we put a twist on classic sports during Crazy Sports Week.

Week 10: August 5th- August 9th
Ooey Gooey Science Week
Does your camper want to make ooey gooey slime, or do fun experiments? This week its all about science!! Well maybe it’s not ALL about science. We will be teaching some great gymnastics too!!

Price Sheet:

Regular Prices

3 Hour Camp
Daily- $30.00
Weekly- $100.00
(9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm)
Camp hours may be varied through out the week

6 Hour Camp
Daily - $50.00
Weekly - $175.00
(9am-3pm or 12pm-6pm)

9 Hour Camp
Daily - $65.00
Weekly $225.00

Morning Care
Daily $5.00 per hour
Weekly $25.00

Full day camp
Daily $75.00
Weekly $250.00

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Gyminators Gymnastics
4603 Shirley Ave
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Phone: (904) 388-5533

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