Preschool Programs

Gyminators Gyminators Gymnastics  Our preschool programs are designed for children ages 2 ½ -5 with age appropriate goals and skills. We provide a well rounded curriculum that challenges your child’s creativity and physical fitness. This is a great new foundation for the understanding of the body, how it works and what it can do.

Our Preschool classes are 50 minute classes that are packed with high energy fun, perfect for a little one who is working on building their attention span.

These classes are great for children who are ready for instruction from coaches without mom or dad’s direct involvement. This helps to introduce and grow listening skills, turn taking and direction following. Our bi-weekly themed classes are action packed to grow your child’s four major developmental areas: physical, social, psychological, and emotional. Students will use our preschool equipment to develop their strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Feb 1st-13th Valentine
Feb 15th-Mar 5th Mickey Mouse
Mar 7th-19th St. Patricks Day
Mar 21st-Apr 2 Easter
Apr 4th-16th Flower Power
Apr 18th-30th Dora & Friends
May 2nd-21st Super Silly Fiesta
May 23rd-June 11th Mini Olympic Competition
June 13th-25th Princesses
June 27th-July 16th Super Heros
July 18th-30th Beach Party
Aug 1st-20th Olympics
Aug 22nd-Sept 3rd Rockstar
Sept 5th-17th Circus
Sept 19th-Oct 1st Cowboys & Cowgirls
Oct 3rd-15th Toy Story
Oct 17th-29th Halloween
Oct 31st-Nov 12th Pirates
Nov 14th-26th Thanksgiving
Nov 28th-Dec 10th December Mini Competition
Dec 12th-31st Christmas

Pre-School (2.5- 5 yr. olds)

Our 50-minute Preschool classes are designed for children ready for instruction without Mom or Dad’s direct involvement. Classes are fast paced and action packed to help develop locomotion skills. This is a great class introducing listening, social skills, turn taking, following directions, spatial and perceptual awareness, mastery of colors and numbers, kindergarten prep, and imagination development! Safety is of utmost importance.This class will develop your child’s self-confidence and enhance their physical capabilities.  Our scaled-down preschool equipment such as trampolines, incline mats, vault and uneven bars will make it even more fun to come to our fabulously themed weeks! We provide a positive experience with physical fitness in class. It’s an enjoyable physical, mental, and social experience for your child.You will be surprised in their increasing confidence, integration into groups, willingness to try new things and initiate play, listening skills and their sense of pride in achievements. We incorporate a blend of music, gymnastics (bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline) and the use of equipment such as  ribbons, hoops, balls, and balloons. We also have great educational themes such as Dinosaur Week, Dora Week, Zoo Week, Under the Sea Week, and many more.

Getting Started In Your 1st Class

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