GyminatorsThese classes require extra attention not just on the gymnast but as the parent. You are now on your way into our team programs. You dedicate more time and more classes which give you the extra review and practice your little love bug needs to become that "super star" she's been dreaming of. You also will be required to participate in our in house competitions to allow them to have more hands on time and what its like to be in a competition setting.

Your child receive more time on each event which allows them to have more hands on time and more skills and drills. They also start switching between more than one coach and working with our Team level coaches. This teaches them to learn to trust more than one coach and be comfortable with moving around.

Mini Stars (3-4 yr. olds)

Requiring previous experience and invitation, these twice-weekly 60-minute classes are designed for students destined for team competition in the future! Therefore, in preparation for competition, these classes concentrate on the required skills!

Tiny Stars (5-6 yr. olds)

A strong background of basic gymnastic skills will assist gymnasts in further developing skills required in today’s team competitions during these twice-weekly 90-minute classes. Most young aspiring gymnasts will require one full year at this level prior to advancing to the Developmental Team.

Future Stars (6-8 yr. olds)

During these twice-weekly 90-minute classes, gymnasts will continue to develop and polish the beginner competitive skills required as a prerequisite to joining the Pre Team. Classes are designed to assist in the development of gymnasts’ strength, flexibility and overall advancement skill achievements! Most young aspiring gymnasts will require one full year at this level prior to advancing to the Pre Team.

Developmental Team

In preparation to compete in USA and AAU team competitions, advanced gymnasts will receive instruction on Level 2, 3, & 4 skills & routines during these twice-weekly 3-hour classes! Pre Team gymnasts will participate in regularly scheduled  “in house” competitions, also preparing them for competition in the outside arena.

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