Our Trampoline and Tumbling classes are designed to advance your child’s jumping and tumbling skills while utilizing the Spring Floor, various mats and trampolines. Many of the area’s aspiring and competitive cheerleaders enjoy learning, polishing and perfecting tumbling required of today’s cheerleading teams!

Beginner Tumbling

These classes are designed for students with little or no tumbling experience. The curriculum teaches the basic tumbling skills including: Cartwheels, Round-Offs, Back Handsprings, and Back Handspring series!

Intermediate Tumbling

Classes are designed for students with previous tumbling experience. (Students must be able to perform a Round-Off Back Handspring w/o requiring assistance.)  Classes provide strength and flexibility, as well as, progression towards Back Handspring series and Back Tucks!

Advanced Tumbling

These classes are also designed for students with previous tumbling experience desiring to achieve the highest level of advancement. (Students must be able to perform a Round-Off Back Tuck w/o requiring assistance.) In so doing, students will concentrate on strength, flexibility and accomplishing the higher level skills including Layouts, Twisting, Ariels, etc!

Getting Started In Your 1st Class

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