Our Boys Recreational Gymnastic students are initially divided by age and skill level to participate in basic, intermediate and advanced levels of gymnastic training while allowing each child’s natural progression rate to flourish! Being in Gymnastics your child will learn more than "gymnastics". He  will be increasing their brain functions by maintaining attention and sustained concentration, increased problem-solving and the ability to follow more complex directions.

You may also recognize their improved confidence in social settings, active group participation, learning to manage emotions,and increasing willingness to take on leadership roles.

Further, Gyminators Gymnastics utilizes a proven curriculum as a guideline with periodic testing providing many levels of advancement! This approach allows the children to master all necessary skills before advancing to the next level. The children will be introduced to tumbling, vault, trampoline, tumble-trak, high bar, pommel horse and parallel bars. This is a structured class that will focus on cartwheels, handstands, forward roll and backward rolls on floor; they will also begin to work on strength and flexibility. On the bars they will focus on front support, forward roll dismount, bent hang (5 seconds), casts, swing & regrasp. On the beam the kids will focus on walks: forward, backward, sideways, Squat turn, V-sit and leg balance. On the trampoline, stick (safe landing position), Jumps: forward, backward, sideways jumps, (tuck, straddle, pike) and 1/2 turn. This is a great class to build self-esteem, strength, and flexibility.

Our facility has skill mats, trampolines, and other necessary equipment for developmental learning. These 1-1.5 hour classes begin with 10 minutes of warm-up, which promotes learning basic gymnastics terminology, body positioning and flexibility. Afterwards, the children receive professional instruction on all of the Olympic Apparatuses (Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Floor, and Trampoline) while working within their individual skill levels. Conditioning drills complete each class.

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